River Raisin USRA 0-6-0 Switcher Project


Models originally available in the following road names:     Baltimore & Ohio, Grand Trunk, Nickel Plate,  Union Pacific,
NYC (Chicago Junction) lettered and unlettered, and Pennsylvania, lettered and unlettered.

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PRR unlettered

PRR Unlettered

  PRR 7011

PRR #7011

NKP #365

NKP #365

  GT #7528

GT #7528

UP #4754

UP #4754

  B&O #1187

B&O #1187

NYC unlettered

NYC Unlettered

  NYC #232

NYC #232


     Other roads acquiring the USRA 0-6-0 – ACL, C&NW, CB&Q, CGW, CNJ, CStPM&O, CRI&P, M&O(GM&O), Maine Central, NKP, OSL, Pennsylvania, PCC&SrL, Pennsylvania LW, P&WV, Seaboard Airline, Texas & Pacific, Washington Terminal, StL SF, and TRRA.




     River Raisin Models has a limited number of the USRA 0-6-0 steam switchers available in DC scale and DC hi-rail brass. Our builder, Boo Rim Precision, has delivered these models to meet our usual high standards. He has worked with us to develop a project that will have multiple road names with the different appliances and tenders that are appropriate to the different roads. Originally, there will be at least two locomotive numbers available for each railroad version. Each version planned will be built if sufficient reservations for that road name are received. Modelers will have the choice of standard USRA tender or an extended vision tender. A few versions will have road specific tenders.  These models will include the features and quality that you have grown to expect from River Raisin Models. The models will come DCC ready with a 9 pin wiring harness already installed.


Prototype Photos and background

     Beginning in 1916, railroads began ordering a total of 255 0-6-0 switchers built to the United States Railroad Administration design standards. After delivery, many railroads either modified the USRA design tender to an extended vision tender or supplied a replacement tender. Other than placement of the headlight, the locomotive remained the same throughout most of their useful lives

     We researched these locomotives and used specific data and details for the different roads, especially the tenders. If you have tender drawings to share we can make these models as accurate as possible.  Here are some photos of the various prototypes.


B & O bo-evt.png bo-st.png

Baltimore & Ohio with extended vision tender

Baltimore & Ohio with standard tender

gt-susrat.png gt7531-evt2.jpg

Grand Trunk with standard USRA tender

Grand Truck with extended vision tender

Chicago Junction

NYC (Chicago Junction) with extended vision tender

NYC (Chicago Junction) with standard USRA tender

NKP   nkp-evt.png

Nickel Plate Road with standard USRA tender

Nickel Plate Road with extended vision tender

PRR prr-usrat.png prr-prrt.png

Pennsylvania with standard USRA tender

Pennsylvania with PRR tender

UP up-ot.png  

Union Pacific with oil tender

Union Pacific with standard USRA tender

Other Railroads acquiring the USRA 0-6-0

CNJ cnj-evt.png  

Central New Jersey with extended vision tender

Central New Jersey with standard USRA tender

C & NW cnw-cnwtender.png  

Chicago & Northwestern with C&NW tender

Chicago & Northwestern with standard USRA tender

CB & Q cbq-evt.png  

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy with extended vision tender

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy with standard USRA tender

MEC mec176-evt.jpg mec175-evt.jpg



Maine Central #176 with extended vision tender

Maine Central #175 with extended vision tender

T & P tp-susrat.png tp-evt.png

Texas & Pacific with standard USRA tender

Texas & Pacific with extended vision tender

T.R.R.A. trra.png  

Terminal Railroad Association
with extended vision tender


CStPM&O cmstpmo-evt.jpg  

Chicago St. Paul Minneapolis & Omaha
with extended vision tender


GM&O gmo-evt.jpg  

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio with extended vision tender


P&WV pwv-pwvt.jpg  

Pittsburgh & West Virginia with P&WV tender


W&LE wle-evt.jpg  

Wheeling & Lake Erie with extended vision tender


GTW gtw-evt.png  

Grand Trunk Western with extended vision tender