Pullman Troop Sleepers, Kitchen Cars and Express Box Cars

Photos Of the Production Troop Cars


     The photos below are of the production units. The Pullman Troop Sleepers, Kitchen Cars and Express Box Cars are being completed in China and were shipped in time for the 2003 NASG National Convention in Oconomowoc, WI. 


     During World War II, the railroads were called upon to move unheard of levels of passenger traffic. Passenger miles would quadruple from 1940 to 1944, owing mainly to the movement of troops to military camps and embarkation ports for Europe or the Pacific. Yet, the War Production Board would not release materials to construct new passenger cars, even though equipment for troop movement was badly needed. Nevertheless, in 1943 Pullman managed to construct 1200 troop sleepers and 440 troop kitchen cars for the Defense Plant Corporation. These were put into service mixed with conventional passenger equipment or in solid blocks of troop or "main" trains until the last of the troops had returned home. After the war, the cars were sold to the railroads and took up new careers as baggage and express cars, boxcars, MOW cars, cabooses and even a few reefers.

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Express Car 9200.jpg

Troop Kitchen.jpg

Pullman Troop Car.jpg

Express Box Car
Troop Kitchen Car
Troop Sleeper


     Those interested in remembering this country's "Greatest Generation", their triumphs and sacrifices, and even some of the equipment that contributed to their greatness, like the Higgins Boat and the B-24, and, yes, the Pullman Troop Sleeper.

     Two excellent articles appear in the December 2001 issues of Model Railroader and Classic Trains magazines. The May 1991 issue of Model Railroader has a fine article on postwar Express Box Car conversions. Railway Prototype Cyclopedia (RP CYC 5) includes a lengthy section with a detailed history, interior & exterior photos, and drawings on pages 25-41.


     River Raisin Models proudly introduced these historic cars in June, 2003, in S scale brass. Now you can own a model of a key railroad heritage piece in the Arsenal of Democracy. The models came with Allied Full Cushion trucks, a unique style never before offered in S scale. There are three basic versions, all offered painted and with Pullman lettering where appropriate:


    The Pullman Troop Sleeper, featuring interior three-tier bunk bed detail the Pullman Troop Kitchen Car, very popular in MOW rosters after the war, and the Express Box Car, used by a multitude of railroads into the 1980's.


Photos of the Troop Car Pilot Models under construction...     Click image to see larger photo!