Southern Pacific P-10 4-6-2 Pacifics


The P-10 Class 4-6-2 Pacifics were one of the most popular steam locomotives on the Espee. In 1941, three locomotives, 2484, 2485, and 2486 were were introduced after being rebuilt with a skyline boiler, streamlining and the famous Daylight Paint Scheme. They were redesigned to pull the San Joaquin Daylight passenger train. Eventually they were replaced with other motive power and had their streamlining removed. All three stayed in service for many years after that. River Raisin is excited to offer these models that surely will be a welcome "passenger" addition to your Espee stable of locomotives. We are offering four different locomotives with three different tenders. The 2479 exists today and is being rebuilt just outside of San Jose, California.

The 4-6-2 models available in the following road numbers: #2479, #2482, #2484 & #2487.


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alt=   sp #2479ls
SP #2479 w/120-C-8 Tender San Francisco, CA  1952 -(Arn's Rail Photos)      SP #2479 w/120-C-8 Tender -San Mateo, CA 5-4-52   (Fred Stindt)
SP #2482rs   SP #2482ls
SP #2482 w/120-C-5 Tender - San Francisco ,CA  8-15-54  (Doug Richter)  

SP #2482 w/120-C-5 Tender - San Mateo, CA 8-25-54 (Fred Stindt)

SP #2484rs   SP #2484ls
SP #2484 w/120-C-3 Tender - Tracy, CA - 7-4-41 - (David J. Welch)   SP #2484 w/120-C-3 Tender - Fresno, CA - 6-14-41 - (Allan Youell)
SP #2484rs   SP #2484ls
SP #2484 w/120-C-5 Tender - Oakland, CA - 12-47 - (Gerald M. Best)   SP #2484 w/120-C-5 Tender - Oakland, CA - 10-48 - (B.W. Griffiths)
SP #2487rs   SP #2487ls
SP #2487 w/ 120-C-8 Tender Portland, Oregon 7-10-39   (Lew Harris)   SP #2487 w/120-C-8 Tender - Modesto, CA - 7-29-46  (David J. Welsh)
  SP #2487.1
  SP #2487 w/120-C-8 Tender - Suisan City, CA - 6-15-47  (Fred Stindt)


Southern Pacific P-10 4-6-2 Sample Model Photos - When Available!