Southern Pacific MT-4 & MT-5 Mountains Project

Photos (below) of pilot models #4369 and #4376




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    A recent project from River Raisin Models was the Southern Pacific MT-4 and MT-5 4-8-2s (aka Mountains). Thirty one units were built between 1926 and 1930 -- twenty-one MT-4s between 1926 and 1929, and ten MT-5s between 1929 and1930. All with built by Southern Pacific in their Sacramento Shops. The Mountains were workhorses of both fast passenger and freight duties.

Prototype photos of the Southern Pacific 4-8-2 Locomotives

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MT-4 4352 w/ 160-C-1 Tender
(1933 photo Mission Bay, CA)

Boiler Tube Pilot, Polished Cylinder Covers, Blue-Green Boiler Paint scheme, Polished Cylinder Heads & White Striped Drivers & Wheels, Red Cab Roof, Early Lettering Style (Southern Pacific Lines)

MT-4 #4352 w/ 160-C-1 Tender
(1947 photo Los Angeles, CA)

Pressed Steel Pilot, Skyline Boiler Casing, Multiple Bearing Crosshead Guides, Daylight Paint Scheme



MT-4 #4353 w/ 160-C-2 Tender
(1948 photo, Bakersfield, CA)

Boiler Tube Pilot, Skyline Boiler, Multiple Bearing Crosshead Guides,  Universal Disc Main Driver, Daylight Paint Scheme

MT-4 #4357 w/160-C-4 Tender
(1952 Photo at Sacramento, CA)

Skyline boiler casing, Pressed Steel Pilot, Spoked Drivers, Multiple Bearing Crossheads and Guides. Black & Graphite Paint Scheme



MT-5 #4369 w/120-C-5
(1946 photo Mission Bay, CA)

Pressed steel pilot, Clamshell Stack,  Black & Graphite Paint Scheme, All Spoked Drivers

MT-5 #4369 w/ 120-C-5 Tender
(1948 photo Bakersfield, CA)

Skyline Boiler Casing, Pressed steel pilot, Universal Disc Main Driver, Black & Graphite Paint Scheme


Photo Credits - Arnold Menke Collection

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MT-5  #4376 w/ 120-C-8 Tender

(1948 photo, Brooklyn Oregon)

Skyline Boiler Casing, Pressed Steel Pilot, Spoked Drivers, Black & Graphite Paint Scheme



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