River Raisin SP 0-6-0 Switcher & M-6 2-6-0 Mogul Projects

Southern Pacific 0-6-0


The Southern Pacific had 38 S-12 and 10 S-14 Switchers that were built between 1919 and 1923. The S-12 locos were built in the Sacramento Shops and the S-14’s were ordered from Lima. The 1270 was decorated in a green boiler and cylinder wrapper, and 1278 was decorated in Blue/green colors because they both worked the Third and Townsend Passenger station in San Francisco. These switchers were used all over the Espee, serving in freight yards making up trains, switching industrial areas and serving big and small cities and towns. They even were assigned to passenger service assembling name trains such as the Coast Daylight and the City of San Francisco. There are many of the locomotives still in museums and parks today.

0-6-0 models available in the following road numbers: S-12 #1269, #1270 & #1278    S-14 #1286 & #1294


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SP 0-6-0 #1270   SP 0-6-0 #1278
S-14 #1286 w/ 52-C-1 Tender, Oakland, CA 05/54 – Stan Kistler  
S-12 #1278 w/70-C-9 – San Francisco, CA 02/46
SP 0-6-0 #1270
  SP 0-6-0 #1294
S-12 #1270 w/ 52-C-1 Tender – Oakland, CA 11/47
  S-14#1294 w/70-C-10 Tender,Tracy,CA 5/54-Doug Richter


Southern Pacific 2-6-0 M-6 Mogul


The M Class 2-6-0 were one of the most popular steam locomotives on the Espee. They were used everywhere on the system. Boasting a huge amount reaching 440 locomotives, they were seen in switching service, peddler freights, and helper service. We are offering three different locomotives with a few different tenders. The 1768 boasts the taller slimmer stack where the other two locos have the more traditional shorter stack. We are also offering a painted black version with a USRA coal tender for those modelers that want a generic mogul to grace their railroad. The 1744 still operates today!

2-6-0 models available in the following road numbers: #1731, #1744 & #1768   also unlettered black w/USRA Tender


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alt=   sp #1744
SP #1731 August,1948, Roseville, CA  -  (Guy Dunscomb)      SP #1744 1952-1953, Fresno, CA  -  (Fred Stindt)
SP #1744 early   SP #1768 early
SP #1744 1938 Oakland,CA  -  (Arns Rail Photos)  

SP #1768 Sept.,1938 Los Angeles, CA  - (Francis Smith)

SP #1768 LS   SP #1768 early
SP #1768 June, 1947,Los Angeles, CA  -  (Fletcher Swan)   SP #1768 March,1953, Bakersfield,CA  - (Lewis Harris)