175' Pratt Pin Connected Arched Chord Bridge - Single Track

The Prototypes

     The prototypes for this Pratt truss pin connected arched chord bridge were built early in this century for steam railroad operation and many are still in service today. The actual prototype for this bridge still stands. It has weathered the coal smoke of the steamers it saw when it was first built and now is greased with the diesel smoke from the Hi-tech units that cross it daily.


      If you are interested in learning more about bridges and these bridges in particular, at the bottom of this page are some references you may want to investigate.


The River Raisin Model


     As most of you know, one of our builders, Cheyenne Industries, has made quite a name for themselves in model railroading circles building fabulously detailed bridges in both HO and O scales. Now Cheyenne has made one of their most recent models available to us in S scale.

      Bridges are among the most difficult items to faithfully execute on a model railroad, yet they form an absolute centerpiece when present. The model is accurately executed in every detail with literally thousands of rivets and detail castings. Each bridge requires close to 100 man hours of skilled craftsmen labor to construct. Just imagine trying to do it yourself!

      River Raisin's S scale single track 175' Pratt pin connected arched chord bridge is 31" long and strong enough for any train.




Below are a few close-up photos of the details.  Click image to see detailed photo!









Model Railroader Magazine Readers Choice Award for Pin Truss Bridge

River Raisin was awarded the prestigious Readers Choice Award for S Scale Structures in July 2001 at the NMRA National Convention in St. Louis. We were excited to win this award since it is based solely on the readers and it was their choice among many other fine S structures.

Catch some action crossing the bridge!

Doesn't your layout need at least one?  Click image to enlarge photo.








For more information on bridges, the Pratt Truss bridge in particular and bridges for your model railroad, check these references:



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