The 1000 Series Nickel Plate Wood Caboose

      Lafayette Car Works first built these cabooses in 1881. In the 1880's they were virtually the largest cabooses in American railroading! Between 1881 and 1924 over 200 cabooses were built to this design by the NKP. Originally built with link and pin couplers and Arch Bar trucks, the couplers changed almost immediately, but some of the trucks lasted as late as 1940. Our models come with 5'6" Bettendorf Swing Motion trucks used after 1920 and eventually on all the cars during the Berkshire era. The parts package will include the as delivered cupola mounted signal indicator.

      If you are interested in learning more about these cabooses, you may be interested in reading:

Cabooses of the Nickel Plate Road produced by the Nickel Plate Road Historical & Technical Society and edited by Willard A. Harvey. Tioga Publications, 1992, 91 pages.

      The NKP Historical & Technical Society also has additional caboose information such as preservation information drawings, picture catalogs, etc. available via their web site


The River Raisin Models

      These unique cabooses were built by Cheyenne Industries in China. The models were available in shiny brass or custom painted in the both the High Speed Service scheme and the As Delivered scheme. Your Berkshire needs a companion!


Below are photos of the two custom painted schemes produced.       Click any image for larger photo!


NKP Caboose 1126

NKP Caboose 1104