Milwaukee Road Rib-sided Cabooses
Produced in two versions, S scale and S hi-rail brass

MLK Caboose


    No caboose on any railroad was more identifiable with the railroad that built them than the Milwaukee Road’s  “rib-siders”.  The road’s welded, rib-sided construction built by the craftsmen of the Milwaukee Shops, proved to be lighter yet stronger than the more typical construction methods. Between 1939 and 1951, Milwaukee built 315 bay-window, rib-sided cabooses. Seven different varieties of the “rib-siders” were built over the years with modifications and improvements added to the design.


    River Raisin built the two versions that operated during the entire time period these cabooses existed. The cabooses lasted longer than the railroad did.




   Photos Right & Below - Original Version with Milwaukee Road designed passenger-type straight frame trucks used on cabooses #01800-01924. This version is lettered with the original "Milwaukee Road" markings. Models are also available in the Modernized Version paint scheme.










Modernized #1





    Photos Right & Below - 1949 Modernized Version with drop center type trucks used on cabooses #02015-02064 and smaller bay window cabooses. This version will be painted with the modern Milwaukee rhomboid logo. Also available in the original paint scheme. (Please note: Some details in photos are not produced by River Raisin Models)

Modernized #2





For More Information:

    If you're interested in reading more about the The Milwaukee Road's rib sided cabooses, probably the most extensive treatment is in Milwaukee Road's Rib-Side Cabooses, by Jeff Kehoe. Milwaukee Road Annual 1996 published by the Milwaukee Road Historical Association, copyright 1995.




Images below of the River Raisin Models' 1939 Version:

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      Model photos by Bob Werre.



Milwaukee Road Caboose

Milwaukee Road Caboose Milwaukee Road Caboose