Chesapeake & Ohio F-19 4-6-2 Pacifics


In 1930 the five F-19 Pacifics traded their 12,000 gallon Vanderbuilt tenders for the larger 16,000 gallon VA and VB tenders. In 1932, they all recieved roller bearing engine trucks. The C&O introduced its famous "George Washington" passenger train and the eclectic F-19 locomotives became its first main power. We are modeling all five locomotives from the 1930's through the war years. Later changes included the removing of many of the fancy markings on the feedwater heater, steam chest cylinders and polished air pumps. Also, the 18 RA large rectangular tender replaced the Vandy tender.

The F-19 models are available in all five road numbers: #490, #491, #492, #493 & #494.


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alt=   c&o491rs
#490 GW Bust, No Stars - Russell, KY 5/38  -  (Bruce Fales)    C&O #491 Star Decorations - Detroit, MI 7/33  -  (RJ Foster)
c&o492rs   c&o493rs
#492 GW Letterboard, Eagle - Cincinnati 7/38 - (Tom Dixon)  

C&O #493 Eagle, Cylinder Stars - Detroit, MI 1935  - (COHS)

c&o494ls   c&o490Chicago
C&O #494 GW Bust, with Cylinder Stars - Russell, KY 1938  -  (COHS)   C&O #490 at Century of Progress Exposition - Chicago July/1933  - (Robert Graham)


Chesapeake & Ohio F-19 4-6-2 Pacifics

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