Chesapeake & Ohio F-17a 4-6-2 Pacifics


In 1934 the six F-17 Pacifics were all rebuilt in the Huntington shops and became the F-17a. The rebuild included 74" unique LMF boxpox drivers, roller bearing engine truck, a cast Delta trailing truck, Worthington type SA feedwater heater, and flying pumps on the smokebox front. They were also outfitted with the 16,000 gallon Vanderbuilt tenders. These unique locomotives pulled the classic passenger trains on the C&O all through the war years. Our versions include the #470 and #472 right after the rebuild with the 16 VA tenders, with the difference being the #470 outfitted with the "George Washington" letterboard on the tender as it opereated the famous "George Washington" passenger train. We are also offering the #474 as outfitted during the war years with the large 18 RA rectangular tender and Elesco feedwater heaters.

The F-17a models are available in the following road numbers: #470, #472 & #474.


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alt=   c&o470front
RRM-CO470 - C&O #470 Circa 1935  -  (Tom Dixon)      RRM-CO470  -  Great Photo of GW Cameo (COHS)
c&o472ls   c&o472rs
RRM-CO472  - #472 Cincinnati, OH 1938 (COHS)  

RRM-CO472  -  #472 (Tom Dixon)

c&o474rs   c&o474angle
RRM-CO474  - #474 Cincinnati, OH 1946 (Tom Dixon)     RRM-CO474 - #474 (COHS)



Chesapeake & Ohio F-17a 4-6-2 Pacifics

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