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footer_05Southern Pacific Railroad P-10 4-6-2 Pacifics  footer_05


River Raisin Models is proud to introduce six versions of the Southern Pacific P-10 4-6-2 Pacifics.
Boo Rim Precision will craft these models to the high quality you have grown to expect from River Raisin Models. They all will arrive with a Swiss Maxon Motor with DCC Ready wiring. Factory installed Loksound DCC will be available with a reservation. The production models are planned for a late 2019 arrival. All Photos Courtesy of Arn's Rail Photos.
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SP 2479 with 120-C-8 Tender at San Francisco, CA 1952


SP 2482 with 120-C-5 Tender at San Mateo, CA in 1954


SP 2484 with 120-C-3 Tender in Daylight Paint at Fresno, CA in 1941


SP 2484 with 120-C-5 Tender in Black Paint at Oakland, CA in May 1948


SP 2487 with 120-C-8 Tender at Portland, OR 1939


SP 2487 with 120-C-8 Tender at Suisan City, CA 6-15-47


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footer_05  Chesapeake & Ohio Railway F-17 and F-19 Pacifics  footer_05


The Master Craftsmen at Boo Rim Precision in Seoul, Korea will create a stable of great versions of this classic locomotive. They will all have that great detail that we all have come to expect from our Master Builders, including Swiss Maxon Motors and factory installed Loksound DCC if reserved. Locomotives to be built will include three versions of the F-17 and all five F-19 Georgian Style Pacifics. All locomotives were adorned with the fancy polished cylinder heads, stars, and either a bust of George Washington, an eagle, or star. These will be built in very limited quantities so get your reservation in soon to assure you get the model you want.


3 Berks

C&O F-17 470 with 16 VA Tender - Circa 1935


C&O F-17 472 with 16 VA Tender - Cincinnati, OH 1938

C&O F-17 474 with 18 RA Tender - Cincinnati, OH 1946


C&O F-19 490 with 18 RA Tender - Russell, KY 1938

Green B&A

C&O F-19 491 with 16 VA Tender - Detroit, MI 1933


C&O F-19 492 with 16 VA Tender - Cincinnati, OH 1938


C&O F-19 493 with 16 VA Tender - Detroit, MI 1935


C&O F-19 494 with 16 VA Tender - Russell, KY 1938

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Dan @ S West

River Raisin Models and
Boo Rim Precision
discuss future plans.


Dan Navarre and SeHo Jang, the owner of Boo Rim Precision, behind the display table at the O/S West Train Show in California, February, 2012. Both proudly showing off the new River Raisin Models USRA 0-6-0 production samples recently built by the Master Craftsmen at Boo Rim Precision.



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