Southern Pacific LARK 15 Car Passenger Train




The Southern Pacific inaugurated their new lightweight “Lark” all Pullman trains between San Francisco and Los Angeles on July 10, 1941.  These were smooth-sided cars (except for the Lark Club) built by Pullman Standard and were comparable to any extra-fare all-sleeper train in the United States.  The consist evolved over the years and the Lark, as modeled, depicts the train on Sept. 24, 1950. By this time the Lark consist included the first new 10/6 Sleepers and 22 Roomette cars. And service was at its peak with the Lark often running 22 cars. 
The majority of these custom built models use the American Models 81’ passenger car shell as a basis with custom-made Laser Horizon .020 styrene sides.  Five cars are constructed using J/C Models core bodies with wood floors/roofs and cast metal ends.  Special .040 acrylic sides were created by laser Horizon for these cars.  All cars use the American Models 41-N-11 sprung trucks with truck mounted couplers to allow use on 44” radius curves.  Additional photos and information available upon request.


Lark Obs.

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