Railway Express Agency Steel Welded Express Refrigerator Cars

River Raisin Models is proud to introduce four versions of the Railway Express Agency
Express Refrigerator Cars. The prototype cars were produced in the 1950s and 60s.
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REA Refer

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Road names include Boston & Maine, Boston & Albany, ATSF, Southern Pacific & Illinois Central !

The Master Craftsmen at Boo Rim Precision in Seoul, Korea will create these unique locomotives.  Models will feature 63” drivers, Maxon Swiss motors,  a DCC wiring harness,  and beautiful factory finishing.  Nine different versions are planned featuring unique tenders and details including the Coffin and Elesco feedwater heaters as on the prototype.




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Road names & numbers offered:

RRM-1500 - B&A Class A-1a 2-8-4 (Numbers 1406 & 1409) Elesco FWH, later Gothic lettering, black
    boiler, short tender.

RRM-1501 - B&A Class A-1b 2-8-4 (Numbers 1425 & 1426) Elesco FWH, early RR Roman lettering,
    Green boiler, short tender.

RRM-1502 - B&A Class A-1b 2-8-4 (Numbers 1437 & 1442) Elesco FWH, later Gothic lettering, black
    boiler, long NYC J-1c tender.

RRM-1503 - Boston & Maine Class T-1a 2-8-4 (Numbers 4004 & 4012) Coffin FWH, pilot deck
     headlight,  block lettering, four axle tender.

RRM-1504 - Boston & Maine Class T-1a 2-8-4 (Numbers 4017 & 4018) Coffin FWH, pilot deck
     headlight, block lettering, large six axle welded tender.

RRM-1505 - AT&SF 2-8-4 (Number 4196 & 4198) (ex B&M 4000 series) Coffin FWH, large six axle
    welded tender.

RRM-1506 - Southern Pacific 2-8-4 (Numbers 3505 & 3506) (ex B&M 4000 series) Coffin FWH, boiler
     tube pilot, four axle coal tender, early Southern Pacific Lines lettering.

RRM-1506.1 - Southern Pacific 2-8-4 (Numbers 3500 & 3501) (ex B&M 4000 series) Coffin FWH,
     pressed steel pilot, I20-C-7 oil tender, late Southern Pacific lettering.

RRM-1510 - Illinois Central 2-8-4 circa 1940’s (Rebuilt 8000 series). Three Numbers.


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     River Raisin Models will execute the project with our builder, Boo Rim Precision of South Korea.  The preliminary pricing for these models is $2299 and the colored boiler models are $100 additional.  We are requesting a $400 deposit per model with each reservation.   I want to thank the Division Point Inc. and Owner, Jack Vansworth for sharing their design data with us.

Dan @ S West

River Raisin Models and
Boo Rim Precision
discuss future plans.


Dan Navarre and SeHo Jang, the owner of Boo Rim Precision, behind the display table at the O/S West Train Show in California, February, 2012. Both proudly showing off the new River Raisin Models USRA 0-6-0 production samples recently built by the Master Craftsmen at Boo Rim Precision.



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